Banking & Financial Solutions for Cannabis Companies

While the medical cannabis industry is booming financially, the whole of the industry is still relatively young and still finding its feet. Financial institutions are significantly more cautious when dealing with cannabis companies. This means that while there is huge potential for growth and innovation, certain financial practices require specialised expertise. Specialised expertise which we are happy to provide, such as;

Thanks to our specialised knowledge and expertise on the best practices in the CBD industry, we can provide you with cream of the crop corporate services, including;

  • Analysis of the financial services solutions available to the prospective client
  • Assisting cannabis businesses in initiating and continuing communications with financial institutions to secure depository business accounts
  • Consulting on the required internal policies and procedures to assist the client in enhancing their ability to obtain and retain business accounts with depository financial institutions
  • Advising cannabis businesses and financial institutions on regulatory and compliance matters. Aiding in the process of performing KYC due diligence on potential clients

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